Testimonials from Clients

We have been working with Zoltan for two years and we have been very happy to know him as a dance instructor and a person. Zoltan is not only dedicated to dance but he is in love with the idea of teaching others how to dance. He has all the qualities that a good instructor should have.He is responsible and reliable.His techniqual explanation is very clear and helpful. He works with a very positive attitude having a wonderful ability to connect with people of all ages. Zoltan has always paid great attention to details and has always given us quality instruction, helping us to gradually build our technique.We are a couple aged 52 and 55, but we have also witnessed him teaching young children highly professionally.His lessons are really enjoyable due to the cosy atmosphere he can create,his sense of humor and his friendly,kind personality.As a rule, he provides varied music, and he is very felxible in taking our mood and wishes( we are amateur dancers) into consideration.

In two years we made remarkable progress in dancing, which we are sure we could not have been able to do without Zoltan’s help and guidance. We could not have made a better choice in finding a private dance instructor. On the basis of the above, we highly recommend him and whole heartedly wish him further success in his work.

Senior couple Dr

Zoltan’s dance classes are a highlight of my week. Each class is really enjoyable as well as being packed with practical and stylistic learning opportunities. Zoltan explains clearly and patiently the technique of every move and his choreography is fun and challenging. Zoltan is a fine teacher and highly professional, as well as being an excellent dancer and good company.


Zoltan is the most awesome dance teacher ever.I was a complete beginner and had no concept of dance whatsoever.I started to take private lessons with Zoltan in my mid forties.He is very patient and his style is simple yet effective. He breaks each step down to basics in a way that it gets imprinted in one system for ever. He spends a lot of time on explaining the technique. In one year, I can do rumba,cha-cha-cha and jive at an intermediary level.Highly recommend Zoltan.                      


A dance lesson with Zoltan is always a worthwhile one. He is an extremely diligent teacher,very attentive and always pushes his students to challange themselves,an ideal teacher.


I had a lesson with Zoltan to work on technique and he very thorough taking me through all the basic points of posture and positioning, providing the right mixture of instruction and encouragement. Zoltan explained things in a way that was understandable and also made the lesson fun - so much so that the hour flew by


Both of my daughters have been dancing for 7 years. Their teacher is Zoltan,his personality,vocation and his passion for teaching had them love ballroom dancing,which is their life now.He didn’t just gave them an aspect or correlation of learning but a true virtue. He is able to bring the energy out of pupils during teaching with his direct personality,which help them to become a creative and succesful dancers.He always looks for the special and gives his best for everyone.His work is typified with outstanding results and I wish him the same in the future.

                                                                                                                                          Sophia Monoki,parent

My son has been a dancer since he was 7 and does ballroon dancing. At the age of 9, he became a registered dancer and this is mainly due to the outstanding professional work of Zoltan. Zoltan’s strenght is that he is able to work with small children successfully, getting the best out of them in a playful way. With Zoltan’s help and under his guidance my son got good results at competitions and reached the advanced level. All in all during the process of their mutual work when Zoltan prepared my son for competitons and performances he meant great help for us with his professional knowledge and excellent sense of pedagogy.

                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ildiko Soos, parent

Zoltan is an incredible teacher. He is talented,professional,detailed, and skilled in both Latin and Ballroom,and he is fun, and such a good person.He knows how to push me to be the best dancer I can be, is very focused on technique and always give 100% in lessons. Dancing is my passion and everytime I have a lesson with Zoltan, I walk away with the biggest smile on my face and count down the days until our next lesson.I would dance every single day if I could. I could not recommend him as a teacher any more.


I’ve been dancing with Zoltan for a year. My initial reason was to learn and to follow and Zoltan helped me to understand not only how to do this but also how to follow the music too. Zoltan has a great combination of teaching technicality as well as moving forward with new steps. He flexes this well according to need so sometimes we focus on footwork and sometimes on the flow of the dance. With a rather dodgy ankle this balance has worked well for me personally and I think that is what he brings - adapting to your personal circumstances and what or why you want to learn.


I am loving my private dance lessons with Zoltan. He is giving me lessons at my home and is helping to improve my favourite dance, salsa. He is very professional and is great to dance with. He is super technical and is teaching a lot of details about how to adapt to different rhythms. He is extremely patient, encouraging and a nice chap too. It is a joy to spend an hour with him. My posture and my dancing is improving and is explaining exceptionally clear. I am gaining confidence beacuse he is incredibly supportive.


Zoltan is an amazing teacher. He is fun, patient and very clear. He has given me so much encouragement to succeed given that I was absolutely useless at my first lesson. He’s given me confidence as well as a new hobby. A true genius!


We have been having lessons with Zoltan for a while now but in the beginning especially our friends were amazed at how quickly and well we learnt the steps of the dances. We are not youngsters and Zoltan has such patience and really makes each lesson so interesting and the way he shows us the steps and guides us makes the learning easy and fun. He can teach everything from ballroom to sequence or any steps we are interested in learning. We would really recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to dance.

Margaret and John

Zoltan is an amazing teacher, who can teach you to dance so quickly and he knows how far to push you on each lesson. By far the best and most inspiring dance experience!


You definately know you leave Zoltan’s lessons with a big smile on your face! He is showing you the joy of dance, is positive and very patient. Doesn’t matter if you just want to learn some basic steps and have fun to get to know certain ballroom or latin dances or if you are keen to learn technique, Zoltan makes sure that your lessons meet your expectations. He is very motivating, has great teaching skills and is an absolute kind person. Zoltan shares his passion for dancing and I can just highly recommend him as a dancing teacher!

N Alexandra