Wedding Dance

I have always enjoyed working with  wedding couples to create something unusual that is also fun and attractive.  Learning a first wedding dance can be challenging as often neither of the partners have dance experience. We all work hard in the lessons, but at the same time laugh at the mistakes and are always proud of the end results.  It is a special challenge to create something unique that couples will remember for years to come whilst taking into account their time availability, capabilities and lack of experience.  We work together on choosing the music and discuss the appropriate choreography.  Whether a couple wants a simple first wedding dance or a complicated routine I always get the best results for them so they can be proud of their accomplishments with a routine that tells their story.   

We decided to learn a routine for our wedding and one of our friend recommended Zoltan. We now know it was a good decision to choose him. My husband was a bit reluctant in the beginning but after having so much fun on the first session we decided to learn another wedding routine. Zoltan was very helpful in everything. He helped us to choose the right song and we also wanted to have difficult figures in the routines to challenge ourselves and he showed us several impressive movements. We always think back of our wedding routines with nice memories and both of the dances were a great success at the wedding. We can highly recommend him. He is not only a professional dancer and instructor but has a great personality too.

We were total beginners when we started having dance lessons from Zoltan.  Without his help we would not have been able to learn our first wedding dance. We were total beginners when we started having dance lessons from Zoltan. Without his help we would not have been able to learn our first wedding dance. With his patience and professionalism towards us he made us believe that we would be able to do it.
Each lesson was such fun and such a laugh which made the lessons and the practice easier.
Zoltan always asked our opinion and created incredible choreography for us.   He was very supportive and believed in us. 
We had a huge success on the wedding day. Our dance surpassed all the expectations and the guests clapped us back to repeat the choreography. 
We highly recommend Zoltan to anyone who would like to learn dancing from a professional in a fun environment. We would like to say a big thank you to Zoltan for his patient and precise job and kind personality and for giving us a memory we will always cherish.

Organising our wedding we decided to give a short dance “show'“ in order to entertain our guests. We had a concrete idea about the concept of our dance. Skipping he old tradition of boring Waltz as opening dance of weddings we imagined to dance a funny entertaining mix of several,different short music blocks. We had the idea and we needed a good teacher.We started searching 2 months before the wedding and I can tell it was a big task to find a good one. Zoltan was the 6th teacher we contacted. The first 5 were not sufficient for different reasons like one of them wanted to make us ballroom dancers saying that we should have started taking lessons already a year before,the other one wanted to persuade us to rather dance Waltz, another one was busy etc. We almost gave up our idea when we found Zoltan who was so sympathetic indeed already at first sight. He was kind,open and helpful and he understood immediately what we wanted. We loved the dance lessons with him. He was always on time,he was so organised and he knew how to find the way to make us learn the steps so easy. It was fun from the first minute to the last one. He was patient despite of our fumbling. He is also creative and had really good ideas about moves. The atmosphere and the mood of every single lesson was fantastic. He is entertaining and effective. We only can repeat saying thank you to him.

                                                                                                         Karoly Bakos - Judit Bakos, wedding couple

We were preparing for our May wedding, and wanted to surprise our guests with an opening dance. Somebody who liked Zoltan’s choreography recommended him. We were anxious before the lessons, but his patience helped us to chill out. The lessons were atmospheric, we were looking forward to having the next lessons. We really enjoyed dancing and seeing how we develop. We had difficulties, but laughed a lot. We had huge success at our wedding, although we weren’t professionals. We highly recommend you him to others.

Zsolt Nagy - Zsuzsanna Zita Nagyne Erdelics, wedding couple