Private Lessons

Photos by Laura Shimili Mears Photography

Learning with a professional dance instructor on a private one-to-one basis is the most effective way to improve and to enhance your knowledge. You will have time to understand the structure of the movements better, and to focus on the footwork and the techniques.

As you make progress , you will become more confident and will be more aware of how you should coordinate your arm styling,footwork,hip movements and head position.  You will also improve your musicality, balance, coordination and posture.  Good posture is the key to dancing well.  If you have a strong core and develop a good frame it will help you to dance effortlessly.

My experience of working with adults and children for more than a decade, has taught me that private lessons have to be fun and enjoyable, but at the same time full of content and clear explanation.  I know that clients also love to ‘just dance’ so I make sure that every lesson has a good balance of instruction and practice.  Once you try private lessons, you will definitely feel the benefit of the time and effort you invest. 

You can even have a private lesson in your home or at a studio of your choice.