Teaching Children

Teaching a child is one of the biggest challenges for a dance instructor. I am very grateful that the studio where I worked for fifteen years provided me with excellent training and the opportunity to work with many children.

I learnt that children need a special kind of patience and very clear explanations but at the same time they need the lessons to be fun in order to hold their attention. I always have to set them goals so that they have something to aim for.

The reward of teaching a child is priceless and it gives me the greatest joy when I see what they are able to achieve and I know that it was due to my teaching.

I have a DBS certificate.

My son has been a dancer since he was 7 and does ballroon dancing.At the age of 9, he became a registered dancer and this is mainly due to the outstanding professional work of Zoltan. Zoltan’s strenght is that he is able to work with small children successfully,getting the best out of them in a playful way. With Zoltan’s help and under his guidance my son got good results at competitions and reached the advanced level. All in all during the process of their mutual work when Zoltan prepared my son for competitons and performances he meant great help for us with his professional knowledge and excellent sense of pedagogy.

                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Ildiko Soos, parent

Both of my daughters have been dancing for 7 years. Their teacher is Zoltan,his personality,vocation and his passion for teaching had them love ballroom dancing,which is their life now.He didn’t just gave them an aspect or correlation of learning but a true virtue. He is able to bring the energy out of pupils during teaching with his direct personality,which help them to become a creative and succesful dancers.He always looks for the special and gives his best for everyone.His work is typified with outstanding results and I wish him the same in the future

                                                                                                                                               Sophia Monoki,parent

Zoltan have been teaching my little daughter for three years. She was only 6 years old but Zoltan was able to handle her and teach her and her 6 year old partner. Zoltan is very kind and intelligent dance teacher, no matter how old the children are, he speaks the language of his students.He is the exemplar of them

                                                                                                                                     Beatrix Kissne Szabo, parent